Factory Workers’ Tragic  Death in Morena

Met the collector of Morena Shri Ankit Asthana and gave a representation to give compensation to the widows according to the suitable laws.

Adv. Abha Singh had come across an article about the tragic incident where five workers lost their lives while cleaning a factory tank in Tiktori Gurjar village in Morena District. Three of these laborers were real brothers, as reported in the newspaper. The cause of their untimely demise was the inhalation of toxic gas after entering the tank at Sakshi Foods Factory. This heartbreaking incident compelled Adv. Abha Singh to make a journey to Morena in Madhya Pradesh, where she had the privilege of meeting the distraught mother and widows of the deceased.

The experience was a profound revelation. Adv. Abha Singh encountered a stark reality – the mother and one of the widows couldn’t even sign their own names. This highlighted a poignant aspect of contemporary India, where women in their 30s remain unable to read or write. It raised questions about the persistent rhetoric of women’s empowerment.

In her pursuit of justice, Adv. Abha Singh engaged with the district Collector, who promptly asserted that these laborers were not manual scavengers, and the tank was not a septic tank. This revelation raised concerns about whether these impoverished laborers would receive any compensation and whether the District Magistrate bore any responsibility for their plight. Adv. Abha Singh awaited a response before considering legal proceedings in the Gwalior Bench of the MP High Court.

To further complicate matters, the factory owner had gone into hiding, and Adv. Abha Singh learned that his bail had been rejected. Astonishingly, no one had visited the grieving family yet, as the nation appeared preoccupied with elections. This passive and inspiring account sheds light on a story of tragedy and injustice, told through the eyes of Adv. Abha Singh.

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